Stephane’s Historical Context

In Dr. King’s time, it was very rough and hard for black people and the black community itself. Dr. King emphasized in his dream that all people are equal everywhere, whether they were white, black, or even Hispanic, we were still equal. What Dr. King’s dream meant that even though black people were different from white people, we all were still the same no matter what. Back in the times of Dr. King, black people were segregated from the white people. We could not sit together.  We could not play together. Black people just couldn’t go anywhere near white people because blacks were not the same color or the same race as white people were.

The time that Dr. King lived in, was a very cruel and a very wicked time. Dr. King did not want black people separated from the white people because he believed in a dream.

It was a dream so strong and full of hope that he believed one day it would come to past. Back then, black people, were clubbed, they were beaten, they were raped, and the black people were thrown in jail. But, Dr. King did not want our people to suffer any longer, because he had a dream.  His dream was that one day, the white people would not judge the black people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.